Overdale room becomes House of Wax figures

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By Stephen Thomas

    HILLVIEW - Mary Raidt’s homeroom was transfigured into the House of Wax.


    The Overdale Elementary teacher had her students become historical and popular figurines in a class project called “The Wax Museum.”

    Each student selected a character to portray in the museum.

    “It was the students’ choice,” said Raidt. “Either historical figures or current celebrities. I just let them choose someone they were interested in.”

    Many character ideas came from books in the Overdale library. Students were required to write and perform their figure’s biography dressed as the character.

    The presentations included one “wow” fact, something the students learned about the character that they previously were unaware of.

    Characters ranged anywhere from actress Marilyn Monroe to pro football player Chad Ochocinco.

    Cassidy Lynn Armstrong portrayed her selected figure, Princess Diana.

    “She always worried about people in front of her own self,” Armstrong said of Di. She learned information on the Internet with help from her father.

    Raidt adapted the Wax Museum idea from a previous school before arriving at Overdale. She said the idea was originally designed for older students but felt her second and third graders were capable.

    “I was very pleased with their presentations,” Raidt said.