Owen Taylor has great year in garden

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 FOX CHASE - Owen Taylor, pictured with his helpers and granddaughters - Haley, 5, and Shelby, 8 - had a very good year.

He had a great year at both Fairs.....winning blue ribbons for his Chocolate Pie...and Pecan Pie....Also for his Fresh vegetables.

He won red and white ribbons for his canned Vegetables, and Gourds.

His love of gardening...canning ...and cooking came from his 88-year-old mother, Virginia.

He would always help her in the kitchen...and watch her make all her delicious meals.

Of course, she never measured...after all those years of cooking...

she just knew how much to add.

But over time he was able to get a pretty exact measuring of the recipes...and with a little experimenting made those delicious pies for his family.

With encouragement from all the family...he decided to enter the Bullitt Co. Fair this past year....and was awarded the Blue, Red and White Ribbons you see displayed.

That gave him the courage to try the State Fair!! What a wonderful surprise when he also won the State Fair Blue Ribbon...especially for his Mother’s Pecan Pie!

He won red and white Ribbons for his canned vegetables and Salsa!

He wants to give credit also to the Bullitt Co. Homemakers Association.....especially Ms. Lois Whitis....her experience and advice were very appreciated.

All the Bullitt Co. Fair Volunteers are to be thanked for their service and time.

Owen is looking forward to this year’s Fair!