Partners believe area needs place to sell, buy jewelry, quality watches

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By Elaina Deren, Special Writer

       SHEPHERDSVILLE - Are you looking for a new place to buy or sell any jewelry?

Jerry Foster and David Tolson are the new owners of the Shepherdsville Jewelry and Pawn store on 189 Adam Shepherd Parkway in Unit 17.

Foster said he felt the community needed a store that would buy and sell jewelry.

The new business opened April 13 in the Kroger complex on Adam Shepehrd Parkway.

Tolson said he had experience with the jewelry business and had been talking to Foster about opening the store within the past couple of years. 

Both have experience operating businesses in the community, as well.

“I had worked for myself and been a part of the National Watch and Clock Association for the past 20 years,” Tolson said. “My expertise is with looking at watches.”

Tolson said he agreed with Foster and believes the store will have good quality for their customers.

“We will be competitive in this market,” Tolson said. “We will be selling high end jewelry and wrist watches. We will have some the popular brands, including Rolex and Omega, along with many others.”

The store will be able to have appraisals for customers that bring in merchandise to sell.

“I am familiar with apprising watches,” Tolson said. “I don’t have much experience with other jewelry but if our customers want them to be appraised, we won’t leave them hanging. We will set them up with someone that can do that for them.”

The store will be open on Monday through Saturday from 9 a.m. - 6 p.m. 

Tolson said he and Foster will soon have a website up for the customers. They both hope people will come and check out their store. 

“We feel it will be very helpful for the community, since there is no other store nearby,” Tolson said. “We will have reasonably prices on our products and hope to be able to get to know what our customers want. So we can help them any way we can.”