Party results in numerous charges

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By Alex Wimsatt

 MOUNT WASHINGTON - A house party recently landed a Mount Washington man and 16 young adults in jail. 

Fifty-year-old Timothy Maas is facing numerous felony and misdemeanor charges after admitting to hosting a party at his home where he allowed several teens to consume alcohol. 

After receiving three separate calls from neighbors who reported several vehicles blocking the street, loud music, underage drinking and indecent exposure, local law enforcement were called to  Burlwood Circle in the wee hours of Sunday, Jan. 27.

Sgt. Tim Morris of the Mount Washington Police Department said nearly 50 people were found in and around Maas’s one-story home when MWPD and Bullitt County Sheriff’s units arrived on the scene around midnight. 

“It was a wild party,” Morris said. 

Of the 30 minors police counted at the party, Morris said most of them were drinking, adding that upon their arrival several intoxicated juveniles between the ages of 15 and 17 were seen stumbling out of the house. 

Morris said one boy was so intoxicated that he hit his head on a fence post when he staggered out.

Another extremely intoxicated teen was found nearly suffocated hiding in a washing machine with the lid closed. 

After admitting to police that he was the homeowner, Maas said he was hosting the party for his daughter’s 18th birthday, according to Morris. 

Morris said when he asked Maas if he thought it was okay to allow his underage daughter to consume alcohol, Maas said he didn’t see any harm in allowing her or her friends to drink at his home because he thought he was keeping them safe.

Maas was arrested and charged with two counts of wanton endangerment in the first degree, a Class D felony which carries a maximum sentence of 5 years imprisonment for per count.

Additionally he was charged with unlawful transaction with a minor and 28 counts of second-degree wanton endangerment, a Class A misdemeanor punishable by up to 12 months imprisonment and/or a fine of up to $500 for each count.

Maas was also charged with drug and drug paraphernalia possession after police found marijuana, pipes, grinders and rolling papers at his house. 

Derek Jones, Shea Jones, Michael Hardin, Brooke Grigsby, Victoria Fries, Timothy Dennis, Jeffry Kuchta, Nicholas Logsdon, James McMillen, Joshua Miller, Michael Parker, Matthew Proffitt, Mark Rudolph, Taylor Smith, Brittany Maas and Emily Maas were charged with unlawful transaction with a minor in the third degree, a Class A misdemeanor, and disorderly conduct in the second degree, a Class B misdemeanor.

As for what, if any action the 30 juveniles might face, County Attorney Monica Robinson declined to comment because the case is ongoing, but she said everyone involved, including those taken into custody, would all be treated fairly and equally, emphasizing that no special treatment would be afforded to anyone. 

Morris said that while he has busted several house parties where there was underage drinking, this case was particularly notable in that the homeowner honestly thought he was doing the right thing allowing his daughter and her friends to drink at his home. 

When asked if Maas had previously hosted parties where there was underage drinking at his home, Morris couldn’t say for certain, however witnesses told police it was, “the place to go,” last summer and that they had seen similar parties take place there.

On behalf of MWPD, Morris said underage drinking will not be tolerated. 

With that, he noted that when the jailer asked the 16 young adults in custody how many of them had previously been to a party that was busted by police and let go with a warning the overwhelming majority raised their hands. 

Morris said he’s given many warnings with hopes of lessons learned, but no more.

“Giving breaks doesn’t get you anywhere,” Morris said before commenting on the urgency to curb substance abuse among teens and young adults. 

“We have to do something to turn our community around or drugs and alcohol are going to destroy our young people.”