Pat Young back on hill - with parents in the stands

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After 35 years away

 SHEPHERDSVILLE — There is nothing unusual about a mom and dad going out to the ballfield to watch their son play some baseball.

However, when the parents are 75 and 74 years of age and their son is 56, that is unusual.

But that was what occurred recently when Don and Betty Young went to southern Indiana to watch their 56-year-old son, Pat, participate in the season finale for the Louisville Yankees of the Louisville Men’s Senior Baseball League.

Young, who is president of the Blue Lick Optimist League, has been a fixture in youth baseball for years.

“After 25 years coaching kids the game I have always loved, finding an opportunity to play organized baseball against was too good to pass up,” said Young.

Seeing a small article in the paper about a senior baseball league needing players, Young. For the first time in 35 years, his parents got the opportunity to see him play — and to pitch.Young said it brought back memories of his mom never missing a game despite having five other sons to also watch.At the recent game, Young had four generations present.Having a great-grandson or a great-great-granddaughter see  him play is pretty exciting.With the season over, Young is looking forward to next season. 

The league plays games in the Louisville Metro area and wood bats are used.

Anyone wishing to find out more about the league should call 594-0872.