Petitions for zip code, traffic signal

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By The Staff

PIONEER VILLAGE - Petitions abound in northern Bullitt County.

There are petitions being circulated for a separate zip code and post office for the northern Bullitt County area and there are petitions to ask the state to install a traffic signal at the new intersection on Preston Highway and Meadowbrook Drive/Shepherds Way.

One battle has been on-going for the past 25 years and the other is a relatively new one as construction winds down on the Preston Highway expansion.

Post Office/Zip Code

The late state Rep. John Harper held meetings 25 years ago asking federal officials to create a separate zip code for northern Bullitt County.

Since that time, there was a zip code created for Hillview and a facility built in Tanyard Springs. However, the postal facility is for post office boxes and home delivery still comes through the Okolona post office.

For Hillview officials, the reasons for a separate postal facility are many, according to mayor Jim Eadens.

First, it is a financial situation for both the city and the county.

With many Hillview residents sharing the 40229 zip code with Jefferson County, Eadens said he is sure many Bullitt County residents are not paying taxes to the proper entities.

This is especially true for the insurance premium tax, which goes to the county coffers and all the cities get payment to some degree.

There is also concern over the census figures, which will be taken in 2010.

Many grants are based on census numbers and Eadens said there is no doubt that the population figures in Hillview are not correct. Instead of the 7,500 people, according to the 2000 Census, Eadens knows there are at least 9,000 people living in Hillview.

Some of the city is located in the Shepherdsville 40165 zip code and other areas are served by the Brooks postal facility.

In terms of receiving occupational taxes for Hillview, Eadens knows that some funds are not coming to the city and are going other areas. One business got two years behind in its payments due to the mixup, which amounted to $200,000.

Councilmember Jo-Ann Wick remembered the days of the vehicle emissions testing and many Bullitt Countians were told they needed to get the Jefferson County testing.

While knowing that something needs to be done, Wick said it would be a battle.

“I think we have a big fight,” said Wick.

“I like a good fight,” said Eadens.

The mayor said petitions would be placed in Hillview City Hall to people to sign.

City attorney Mark Edison said getting the ear of congressmen might help.

Due to the financial conditions, it would be difficult for the postal service in Okolona to give up the service area in Hillview.

A petition would be placed in the Pioneer Village City Hall. Pioneer Village also ha some split zip codes between Louisville and Shepherdsville, said mayor Gary Hatcher.

Eadens suggested residents call their congressmen to see if anything could be done.

Traffic Signal

The Pioneer Village City Council voiced concerns over the lack of a traffic signal at the newly-created intersection.

Hatcher said that the new entrance into Meadowbrook Subdivision would be moved north to align with the Shepherds Way between Shell and Little Flock Baptist Church.

So far, Hatcher said he has gotten full support of local leaders in asking the state Department of Transportation for the stoplight.

It is already tough crossing two lanes of traffic and five lanes would be only worse, said Hatcher.

“We have a lot of accidents already and it won’t get any better,” said Hatcher.

A study has been commissioned to study traffic counts in the area, said Hatcher.

The petitions would supplement the findings.

Right now, officials and residents just wanted to know when the work would be completed in the stretch from Cardinal Drive to the John Harper Highway.

Hatcher said he was told it would be the end of the year, pending any added days for rain.

Anyone wishing to sign the petition asking the state to install a traffic signal may stop by the Pioneer Village Community Center/Becknell Hall on Summit Drive during the week.