Pioneer Village agrees to provide police coverage for nearby cities

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By Stephen Thomas

    PIONEER VILLAGE - The long arm of the law will stretch even further in Pioneer Village.

    The cities of Hebron Estates and Hunters Hollow both paid and implemented deputies to add extra patrol and enforcement within city limits.

    With the Bullitt County Sheriffs Department reaching a decision that would not allow deputies to use vehicles outside of regular working hours, the cities were left without specific patrol units.

    Hebron Estates mayor Jerry Clark contacted Pioneer Village mayor Gary Hatcher about hiring the Pioneer Village Police Department on a temporary basis.

    At the March Pioneer Village council meeting Hatcher informed the council that PVPD units already responded regularly to events in Hebron Estates.

    The tentative agreement would cost Hebron Estates $20 per hour each month for the rest of the 2009-10 fiscal year. The amount was the same payment offered to deputies.

    The agreement could be extended into the 2010-11fiscal year, if necessary.

    PVPD would allow two of its officers to patrol Hebron Estates. However, PVPD units would not become primary responders to schools located in the city, including North Bullitt, Hebron Middle and Freedom Elementary. They could be called as back-up units.

    The council approved the new temporary agreement.

    Earlier in the meeting the council also approved an agreement with the city of Fox Chase to continue police patrols.

    PVPD has served Fox Chase for a number of years at an annual payment of $6,000. Due to increases in services and costs, Pioneer Village asked that the rate double to $12,000.

    After discussions, the Fox Chase council agreed to the updated version of the interlocal agreement during their March meeting.

    Hatcher said Hunters Hollow was looking to contact Hillview about a temporary agreement with the Hillview Police.

    In other business:

    - A new entrance to Meadowbrook Drive stretches through to Park Avenue near Little Flock Baptist Church.

    The council decided that the new entrance way should be named as an extension of Park Avenue.

    Hatcher said the area was still under survey as part of the construction area off New Preston Highway.

    In a related issue, council member Darlene Herps said a special sign created for the Lodie Lane intersection at Old Preston was missing.

    Hatcher said many signs have not yet been replaced along the new Preston Highway configuration area. He mentioned that it was the state’s responsibility to replace signs along a state highway.

    - The council would like to see a signal light placed at the Meadowbrook/Preston intersection.

    Hatcher said the state had allegedly studied the intersection, although he felt that an official report by the state of one accident at the intersection since 2006 was incorrect.

    “First of all, that intersection hasn’t been there since 2006,” he said.

    PVPD records were being examined to determine the number of accidents called in.

    - The city is now accepting grass-cutting bids.

    Anyone interested in making a bid should contact the city for further information.

    - Boy Scout Troop 20, based at Maryville Elementary, attended the March meeting, taking notes and following discussions.

    Troop members James Bacher, Joe Ball, Mark Brussow, Anthony Caulk, Ezra Gish, Jon Hack, Jordan Raney and Shelby Rose hoped to earn a badge for citizenship in the community.

    - The next meeting of the Pioneer Village City Council takes place Tuesday, April 27, 7:30 p.m., at Becknell Hall. The public is invited to attend.