Planners won’t endorse parking space amendment

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By Thomas Barr

 SHEPHERDSVILLE — On a regular basis, applicants come before the Bullitt County Board of Adjustment for what has become a routine request.

Applicants are desiring to reduce the size of parking spaces and the number of parking spaces.

To eliminate the need for applicants to pay for a hearing for something which is normally granted, the board members proposed a text amendment  to make changes.

But the Bullitt County Planning Commission rejected that request.

Currently, the size of parking spaces is 200 square feet, or 10-foot-by-20-foot.

Under the typical variance given, the size has been diminished to 162 square feet, or 9-by-18.

Planning commissioner Carl Payne has some first-hand knowledge of the outdated parking regulations.

In undertaking a $2.2 million renovation on his business, Payne had to go to the board for a variance.

With 15 employees, he needed far less than the 33 required by the current regulations.

He received his variance but he also saw the concern of fellow commissioners.

Having adequate space to park vehicles was a concern of commissioners Larry Watkins and John Miller.

Commissioner Tom Givhan also said he had no desire to do something that might damage another person’s car.

Planning administrator Roanne Hammond said there are regular variance requests for both the number of parking spaces, which is based on the size of the buildings, and the size of the actual spaces.

With no desire to adopt the text amendment, no action was taken to pass the request.

In other zoning  business:

*Barbara J. Hoerter received a favorable recommendation to rezone four acres from Agricultural to R-4 Residential on Cedar Grove Road.

The applicant is looking to add one home on the property. She agreed to having a limit of two residential structures on the property.

Bullitt Fiscal Court will make the final decision.

*Steve Capps received a favorable recommendation to bring 1.2 acres into compliance on Beech Grove Road.

The request would rezone the property from Conservation to R-1 Residential. He plans to rezone 1.2 acres with a home on the land but he won’t rezone 3.9 acres with another home.

The plan is to sell the tracts with the two homes.

*The Estate of Etta Doerr Scrogham received a favorable recommendation to rezone five acres from Agricultural to R-1 Residential on Ridge Road.

The plan is to keep five acres with a home.

Bullitt Fiscal Court makes the final decision.

*Matthew Ray Myers received a favorable recommendation to rezone 1.7 acres on North Buckman Street from B-2 Central Business to B-1 Highway Business.

Attorney John Wooldridge said the B-1 zoning is more suitable for the property, which was the former Speedway site.

There is no immediate plan to change the property, which is a sales lot.

The Shepherdsville City Council will make the final decision.

The next meeting of the Bullitt County Joint Planning Commission will be on Thursday, Aug. 8, at 7 p.m. at the Nina Mooney Courthouse Annex. The public is invited.