Plate of change is full but how hungry are we?

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Our Views

By The Staff

    So, now what do we do since the election is over?

    We roll up our sleeves and get to work.

    While the number of issues discussed during any political season are often masked by the negative advertising, there are definitely platform items to be addressed at all levels of government.

    After we spend a few days getting all the political sign-ups picked up - those who leave signs for weeks, months and years should be fined - then it is time to practice what the winners have been preaching.

    The economy is not fixed, although there are some indicators that have looked better over the past few months.

    The war is still being waged and there will always be areas in which this country will be forced to protect.

    And people are still fed up with government.

    The plate is full but how big is the appetite of our newly-elected leaders. Feasting on the low-hanging fruit is no longer an option.