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 This letter pertains to Cedar Grove Road (Highway 480) traffic and Cedar Grove Business Park. 

The road has always been curvy and narrow without shoulders.  However, the traffic was light and it was mostly residential traffic. 

Now the Business Park has brought with it much traffic.  There are tractor-trailers on this narrow road daily.  

As a resident of this area and a teacher at Cedar Grove Elementary, I am voicing safety concerns.  I was at the meeting with Governor Beshear when he announced that the construction for 5 lanes to Zappos has been approved and would soon begin. 

It is also supposed to be widened to 4 lanes to Cedar Grove Elementary.  I was pleased to hear this news as traffic from Zappos has become  heavy at certain times of the day. 

Representative Belcher worked extremely hard on this project.  It shows that she truly cares about all of Bullitt County because we are not part of her voting district. I am sure both Democrats and Republicans in our county want our roads to be safe.  

Here is my concern.  The road plan returns the road to 2 lanes as soon as you pass our school.  It is a dangerous curvy hill for 6/10 of a mile. 

Then the road reopens to 3 lanes for Heritage Hill and the second entrance to the Business Park. I want to see that 6/10 of a mile widened to bring both sections of wider roadways together. 

The homeowners already have  given the right of ways  for that 6/10 of a mile to be widened, but it has never happened.However, another teacher at Cedar Grove who lives in Stoney Ridge Subdivision thinks that maybe the road should not be widened because residents attending the initial meetings regarding the Business Park were told that big trucks were only going to be allowed to use the first entrance of the Business Park.  Her concern is that if the road is widened to 3 lanes trucks would use the second entrance all the time.Would you please look into this matter? 

A new sign has been installed past the first Business Park entrance that says Cedar Grove Business Park 1 mile ahead.  Is it true that traffic is always supposed to turn into the first entrance?

Please help keep our area safe.  A school bus or a car can not compete with a tractor-trailer on this dangerous 6/10 of a mile stretch.  Let us know by what means the trucks will only be allowed to use the first entrance.  Please help  get the 6/10 of road widened and keep the dangerous Semi-trucks away from our children.


Penny Terry