Police hindered by snow

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 Our police force here in Shepherdsville is fantastic. They work hard to keep us safe and bring criminals to justice. My question: Is our police force property equipped for catching criminals in winter conditions too?

Earlier today, Feb. 9, 2011, there had been a break-in close to where I live. The police were making checks to make sure that no one else had been robbed or had seen the criminals. During this time an officer came up to our house and was unable to get up the hill (that is icy and slightly snow covered) that we lived on. Luckily my mother was out parking her car in our garage. He was unable to get up the hill and began sliding backwards. The officer shouted up to my mother, “How did you get up this hill?” “I have front wheel drive,” she answered.

Now suppose that that officer had been chasing a criminal up that hill (or any hill for that matter) in his police car. Would he have been able to stop them? Most cars have front wheel drive. What if the criminal’s car did as well? What I’m really asking is if our police force is able to do their job in all conditions?

Rachel Hasty

Age 11