Police look at note to see if kids are missing

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By Stephen Thomas

    SHEPHERDSVILLE - Officials are also attempting to locate three individuals including a truck driver and two siblings, possibly teenagers.

    According to Bullitt County Sheriffs Det. Scotty McGaha, a janitor found the letter taped to a mirror around 9 a.m. Tuesday morning.

    The note was signed by the name Josh R. McKae. It read that McKae and a sister named Laura were from Indiana.

    The letter stated that the siblings were taken against their will from a Pilot truck stop.

    The potential abductor was said to be driving a white and red truck with “First Fleet” written on the side.

    The letter added that the driver was headed to Nashville and then to the driver’s home, possibly in Hopkinsville.

    “To my recollection of this, I don’t recall anything in my recent memory that was something like this,” McGaha said.

    Bullitt County Sheriffs are jointly investigating the situation with Kentucky and Indiana State Police as well as Hopkinsville Police.

    Investigators believe the letter writer to be a teen based on handwriting analysis, McGaha said.

The Pilot truck stop off of I-65 in Hillview at Exit 121 is the closest Pilot location to the Welcome Center at southbound Mile 113. McGaha said the station was contacted, along with another Pilot location in Memphis, IN.

A Pilot Hillview manager was reviewing cameras and transactions for potential evidence. McGaha said the station was very supporting in assisting with the situation.

Investigators originally identified a 67-year-old male from Hopkinsville that drives for First Fleet. The driver’s name was not released.

Upon further investigation, McGaha said the Hopkinsville driver was in Texas at the time of the event.

First Fleet told police that 10 company trucks traveled through Bullitt County during the Tuesday morning time frame.

“The company has been very cooperative,” said McGaha. “They gave us all the names of the drivers, we’re checking them out.”

Indiana police searched state records for a Josh and Laura McKae. McGaha said the names brought no results in a missing persons request.

In the event of a hoax, McGaha said parties responsible could face appropriate charges.

“We’re happy if it’s just a hoax, but we’re not happy that it took so much time and man hours,” he said.

McGaha listed a number of reasons to believe the letter was a hoax. He said the message was long for someone in a hurry, plus the person was left alone and had a pen and paper.

An Amber Alert was not issued based on insufficient determination of age, McGaha said.

“We’re kind of at a crossroads to substantiate this,” said McGaha, who mentioned the letter could be a hoax. “You’ve got to take this all seriously.”

Anyone with further information should contact the Bullitt County Sheriffs Office, (502) 543-2514.


The letter’s text:

Who ever finds this note please call the cops and tell them my name is Josh R. McKae and my sister’s name is Laura We from Indi. Indiana This man in this truck made us leave with him from Pilot We in a big white and red truck that says First Fleet in red on the side of it. He said we was going to Nashville and then back to his house in I think he said Hopkinsville were we was gonna live from now on

Josh R. McKae

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