Political season officially off and running locally

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By The Staff

    SHEPHERDSVILLE - All we needed a couple of weeks ago was Olivia Newton-John singing “Let’s Get Physical” and the political season would have been officially open.

    The Bullitt County Chamber of Commerce hosted a members-only forum featuring the five candidates for judge/executive.

    Of those in attendance, some got what they expected and others may have gotten a little more than they cared to hear.

    No matter the viewpoint, the final seven-week push to the May 18 primary election day is on.

    The Chamber allowed each of the candidates to give a seven-minute snapshot on their platforms.

    Republican Depp Rasner used every second of his time to go on the attack against his former boss. Rasner served several months as deputy judge/executive for incumbent Melanie Roberts. Now he is running against her and definitely went on the attack at the luncheon.

    The chamber is planning another members-only luncheon for candidates for state senate and state representative on April 22. On May 6, there will be a forum open to all the candidates and for the general public.


    Candidates for county judge and sheriff will have the opportunity to touch more than some flesh on Saturday, April 24.

    The North Bullitt Lions Club will host its first demolition derby of the season.

    As part of that night, the candidates for judge/executive and sheriff have agreed to participate in a friendly figure 8 race. Of course, can a figure 8 race ever be friendly?

    Let’s hope no one gets hurt.

    The demo derby kicks off at 7:30 p.m. at the Bullitt County Fairgrounds. Tickets will be available at the gate.


    Calling all candidates. Calling all candidates.

    It is time to start the final interview process for opposed candidates in the May primary.

    For candidates who have access to e-mail, please send me a note at editor@pioneernews.net. I will return to you a form that will need to be filled out ASAP.

    When I receive the e-mail and the filled out form, I will begin scheduling interviews. When all candidates in a particular race have returned the surveys, that race will go into the paper.

    Caution - I am gone next week. So if you can send those e-mails to me immediately, that will get the process started.