Pool legislation may leave county high, dry in 2009

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By The Staff

The problem is much more serious than we ever imagined.

When one thinks of drowning incidents, seldom do we think about deaths being caused by people literally being trapped under water by infiltration pumps.

However, it has happened on numerous occasions.

Now, sit appears that some, if not all, of the four county swimming pools may not open this summer.

Due to new federal standards, pools and spas must have safeguards to prevent entrapment. Getting the problem fixed is particially financial. The other part is simply logistics as it is affecting facilities across the nation.

While the pools in Bullitt County run financially in the red, it is a service magistrates have never seriously thought of ending. That isn’t to say they haven’t talked about giving them to the cities to maintain, especially since they have taken part of the county’s insurance premium revenue.

It would be a shame if the pools do not open this season. It would also be a shame if it adversely affects the Bullitt County Dolphins swim team season, Over 100 youngsters routinely participate and that has been a stimulus to have high school teams started in the county.

Our biggest concern is that pool issues seem to never be discussed at fiscal court meetings until April or May each year. This is not the first time magistrates have been notified at the last minute of a problem.

In the future, earlier notice of such issues should be brought to the public’s attention. In this case, although the federal legislation was passed over a year ago, everyone seems to have been caught with their swimming trunks down.