Postmaster’s legacy lasts long after he has left Earth

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My Views by Thomas J. Barr, Publisher

 Torris Little loved life.

While never meeting the individual, all one had to do was listen to some of his co-workers.

In nine short months, Little left a legacy at the Shepherdsville Post Office.

But it was a legacy that Little left wherever he went.

He loved life. Life was just too short.

In an emotional ceremony, Little’s wife, Kerry, had an opportunity to hear stories she had heard before. This time, it was a little more special.

On March 11, 2013, Little suffered a heart attack. The big man who was in good condition had no other health problems. 

It was just his time.

“We had a very good life,” Kerry told her husband’s staff, which is still reeling from the shocking loss.

She remembered when the couple met. She resisted but Torris never gave up.

The couple has three boys.

He was involved in sports throughout southern Indiana. He loved to coach football and wrestling.

But he loved life and he loved his family.

Kerry said it has been amazing the impact her fun-loving husband had on so many people.

“Every place he went, they were sad when he left,” she said.

Working in various postal facilities in southern Indiana, he loved the opportunity to lead the Shepherdsville facility.

In Shepherdsville, he would have an opportunity to work with some high-volume businesses, which would present a challenge.

Most importantly, Little was a man who loved to come to work, do a good job but have some fun while doing it.

Joe Bohannon, one of the local mail carriers, said it didn’t take long to realize that their new boss liked to have fun.

“He made things fun,” Bohannon said. “All the carriers backed up Torris.”

Bohannon and several co-workers began to tell stories about practical jokes Little may have pulled or things he did to make sure they enjoyed their jobs.

To honor Little, the workers made a plaque which will honor Little at the Shepherdsville postal facility.

“This is such a blessing,” said Kerry, who promised to bring her three boys to see the recognition.

“Everybody has a story to tell about Torris,” Kerry said. “This is a wonderful tribute to him. I know that it’s not only our family who is sharing in this grief.”