Powell files for Hillview mayor's seat

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By The Staff

    HILLVIEW - There will be a contested race for mayor after all in the city of Hillview.

    Former councilman and mayor Leemon Powell has filed to run as an independent candidate and will face incumbent Democrat Jim Eadens in the fall general election.

    “I just don’t see any business coming to Hillview,” said Powell, who served four years as mayor and six years as a councilmember. “Hillview needs more jobs.”

    Powell, who is not currently serving on the council, said he thought about filing in the Democratic primary for this spring’s election.

    When he opted to not run, Powell said people continued to encourage him to make a run as an independent candidate.

    His biggest reason for running is what he considers a lack of progress in bringing new jobs to the city.

    Powell pointed to developments such as the Bells Mill Road Industrial Park, the ProLogis facility and Louisville Logistics as a few of the projects started under his tenure, which ran from 1999 until 2003.

    “I have a lot to offer the community,” said Powell. “An honest person can look at the issues and determine that I am the best candidate.”

    Despite having limited support from the council, Powell said his administration got a lot accomplished during that time.

    “I expect to receive a lot more cooperation this time,” said Powell. “I wouldn’t be running if I didn’t.”

    He’s not concerned about any backlash in running as an independent. In fact, one of the advantages of not running in the primary is that any one of any party can vote for him in the fall general election.

    One who has always liked to campaign, Powell said he is eager to get back into city government.

    “I have nothing against anyone,” said Powell. “I just feel I have a lot to offer the city. We need jobs and I think can do a better job of getting them into the city.”

    Plus, Powell said it is time for the city to have a full-time mayor, which he can do since he is retired.

    “I’m up to the job,” said Powell.

    The general election will be on Tuesday, Nov. 2.