Powerful message for North seniors

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By Stephen Thomas

 HEBRON ESTATES - Spring Break, senior prom, graduation - it’s the time of year for high school seniors to celebrate.


It’s also an opportunistic time for school administrators to stress the importance of safety in conjunction with the dangers of alcohol abuse.

North Bullitt students were offered a reality check during a mock car accident scene portrayed at the school.

The scene began moments after a head-on collision that occurred when students were driving under the influence.

Students covered in fake blood were inside real vehicles that were actually involved in accidents, adding to the realism. A few alcohol containers were visible.

Not to be outdone, parents of the student actors arrived to watch what was happening, showing real emotion.

Bullitt County Sheriffs, Hillview Police, Zoneton and Shepherdsville Fire, and Bullitt County EMS units acted out a realistic accident scene, following standard procedure.

Also involved were members of the Bullitt County coroners office, Schmid Funeral Home, and a Stat Flight helicopter which added to the realism of the live accident scene.

Students with the North Bullitt Family, Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) portrayed the accident victims. Some were trapped inside vehicles while firefighters cut their way to them.

The injured students were transported by ambulances and Stat Flight for further medical assistance.

One student did not survive the accident. She was placed inside a body bag and taken away in a Hearst.

Another student was arrested and handcuffed at the scene, placed into the back of a patrol car.

As the scene continued, a Grim Reaper character hovered nearby the action, following along as the deceased student was placed into the Hearst.

Students witnessed law officials telling the student’s parents about her death, along with the shock and emotion of the moment. 

As part of the day’s ongoing events, Hillview Police visited the school with their fatal-vision goggles, designed to distort vision similar to an intoxicated individual.

Police set up an obstacle course for students, who then attempted to drive golf carts through it while wearing the goggles.

HPD representatives shared videos of drunk driving accident scenes with students, discussing the dangers and consequences of each event.

Capitalizing on the shock value of the event, the North Bullitt Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD) group will host a town hall meeting for both students and parents to address student-related alcohol issues.

Instructor Melissa Fox said students will discuss and explain scenes from the mock event, along with their importance.

SADD representatives will lead discussions while presenting photos, videos and student-related local statistics, many provided by Bullitt County Partners in Prevention.

Fox said statistics showed how many students claimed they had used alcohol at some point during high school and even in middle school.

“Some parents don’t even know their kids are drinking,” she said. “I hear more when I’m here in the classroom.”

Fox hoped many parents would find time to join students at the meeting, possibly adding to the discussions.

“Parents can come out and see the student input,” she said. “Maybe they can talk to their own students about it.”

Students remain the main focus, however. Fox said SADD students have worked hard to prepare their presentations and find a way of convincing classmates to avoid the dangers associated with alcohol use and abuse.

“It’s more touching to students if other students give the input rather than a teacher preaching,” Fox said.

The North Bullitt SADD town hall meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, Apr. 26, 5-7 p.m., in the school library. Food and drinks will be provided, along with take-home facts and statistics, all supplied by Partners in Prevention. For more information on the event call 869-6285.