Printing company honors long-time workers for their service

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      SHEPHERDSVILLE - For years, Publishers Printing Co. has been the leading employer in Bullitt County.


     And of the company's workforce, 15 percent have spent more than 25 years with the magazine printer.

     A total of 216 employees were recently honored for their long-time service to Publishers Printing at a special luncheon at Paroquet Springs Conference Centre.

     Over $120,000 in rewards - ranging from plaques, coins and monetary awards - were handed out at the recognition ceremony.

     Nick Simon, president of Publishers Printing, said he father, Frank E. Simon, was often asked why he relocated the company to Shepherdsville. The answer always was "because I like the people."

     In its history in Bullitt County, Nick Simon said the company has watched as the community has grown and the employees continue to show their dedication, ingenuity and skills for the growth of the firm.

     "We hope each employee, retiree and their families realize how important they are to the Simon family and this company, and that they've all contributed to something special," said Simon. "Because of its people, this company is truly unique in its passion, generosity, ingenuity, fearlessness, strength and integrity."

     One of the unique opportunities at the company is that a person can start at the ground floor and work their way up to the top.

     For example, Kelly Reesor, plant manager of the Lebanon Junction facility, started more than 30 years ago with the company in an entry level position in shipping.

     The company still has room for future success stories as second- and third-shift positions are available.

     Those honored for 25 or more years of service include: Steve Bannon, Sandi Barber, Veronica Brown, Ben Casey, Dennis Castenire, Ed Cissell, Sue Conner, Kevin Cornette, Sandy Dockery, Herb Duncil, Pat Freeman, Hope Geary, Brett Gentry, Tonya Graf, Betsy Hasch, David Hurt, Billie Johnson, Judy Mann, Terry McElvain, Robyn Meredith, Michelle Milby, Greg Morgan, Tim Nalley, Randy Patton, William Patton, Richie Peay, Dee Petzold, Debbie Posey, Larry Powell, Eric Pruitt, Jerry Reesor, Russel Ricketts, Waylon Samuels, Leland Simmons, Kathy Stovall, Wayne Sturgeon, Stuart Travis, Todd Troutman, Mark Wilcher, Joyce Williams and Kelly Wright.

     Those with 30 years of service include: Eric Tindle, Wes Keeling, Susie Fields, Ray Hepner, Tom Kelly, Randy Skaggs, Jim Dockery, Darrell Wilson, Kevin Baugh, Donna Stallings, Roger Crowe, Michael Simon, Joe Luckeet, Robin Cusick, Joe Sohm, Larry Goodin, Kelly Reesor, Dwayne Clark, Jay Crowe, Annette Walker, Susie Elzy and Junior McNay.

     Those with 35 years of service include: James Dishon, Kathy Engle, Mike Cooksey, Ray Wolford, Ron Lee, Karen Heines, Jeanie Noltemeyer, Tom Spatol and Dwayne Thomas.

     Paul Capito and Linda Edelen have 40 years of years.

     And the most senior employee is Wayne Brown with 45 years of service.