Program to push for community services

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By Thomas Barr

 SHEPHERDSVILLE - As a resident of the city, Garland “Corky” Miller felt there were more things the government leaders could do for the people.

As a councilmember, Miller has gone to work to secure some funds to help make some of these things possible.

With a $2,500 check from Flynn Brothers Construction, Miller got the ball rolling on Monday night.

With the initial contribution, Miller is looking to add other donations to the coffers, which will be totally separate from any city funds.

Miller would like to see the city offer more free activities for the children and the senior citizens.

He would like to see health seminars conducted throughout the year.

He would also like to see the police and fire departments provide safety seminars. From fire prevention to advice on how not to get caught up in a scam, Miller said people would appreciate the extra activities.

The city is looking to renovate its DARE car and he would like to see funds set aside to do things like ramps for those disabled.

Miller could envision every subdivision having Block Watch programs.

In the end, Miller didn’t think many of the activities would cost any major funds.

The city has now opened up its gym to walkers each weekday.

Originally, Miller was full of even more euphoria. On Monday evening, he announced that the check was for $100,000; however, that money was to be used for the sewer project. The company still gave a check of $2,500 for Miller’s activities.

Miller said a committee would be formed to oversee the program. Anyone interested in serving on the committee should contact city hall.

In other business:

*Sewer plant operator Chuck Keith said the city failed in its bid for a new permit application for the plant. It has been expired for three years but, since the city was upgrading its plant, the state Division of Water did not push the issue.

Before a permit can be granted, Keith said the must be a pre-treatment program in place.

The city previously had such a program that dealt with high volume users with particular elements in their sewage. Only a few businesses were involved in the original program.

Keith said there is an individual who would guarantee she could get the permit for the city. The cost of her consulting work would be $5,000.

Before any action would be taken, councilman Larry Hatfield, mayor Scott Ellis and Keith were to meet with the potential vendor.

*The council approved fire chief Layne Troutman using money secured from a state grant, mitigation cleanups and from doing hydrant work for Louisville Water Co. to purchase new protective gear for the firefighters.

The city would pay around $3,500 for two sets of the gear and the fire department fund would pay the rest.

*The city employees will be on furlough on Thursday, Dec. 22.

The offices will be closed on Dec. 23 and Dec. 26 for the Christmas holiday and on Dec. 30 and Jan. 2 for New Year’s.

The next meeting of the council was set for Dec. 26; however, that has been cancelled.

The next regular meeting of the council will be on Monday, Jan. 9, at 6:30 p.m.