Proposal for EDA, Chamber merger worth consideration

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Our Views

 It is an interesting proposal which has proven to be successful in other communities.

But we are also sure there have been situations where the “marriage” of agencies hasn’t gone as well.

Recently, the Bullitt County Economic Development Authority listened to a proposal on possible merger with the Bullitt County Chamber of Commerce.

The trial balloon has been floated in the past. It just hasn’t gotten to the stage of public discussion.

Currently, the Chamber of Commerce is an advocate of businesses. It provides expertise in areas, as well as activities which are both fun and educational.

The funding comes primarily from member dues and some fund-raising events.

The Bullitt County Economic Development Authority is funded primarily by fiscal court and several cities and businesses have contributed funds.

The goal of the EDA is to bring jobs to the community and to assist existing businesses in any issues which may arise.

At first blush, the marriage seems to be an idea match. Both are interested in the business community and for the betterment of Bullitt County.

Both could probably use a bit more manpower but neither are rich in funds.

However, before the vows are exchanged there are some issues which must be addressed.

First, the initial talks would have two separate boards and then a super board overall. That could work. Smart people with a common goal would be neat.

Second, confidentiality is a major thing in the world of job recruitment. Although people may not understand the secretive nature of the business, it must be present. A slip of the tongue has cost Bullitt County jobs in the past and that should be a major concern of everyone concerned.

Third, there will be times in which one board may push for one thing and the other board might be in opposition. 

There are no issues which can’t be worked out. The idea of a united voice is great. In fact, in Bullitt County, is would be awesome.

However, this is a decision that must be weighed carefully. Funding for the EDA must be secure from county government or there is no sense talking any further.

This is a situation that due diligence is needed.