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Your Views

 My name is Robert Huff , as you know by now I have rental property here in Shepherdsville, Kentucky. I have always tried to be a good citizen and pay my bills. But you have caused me considerable amount of problems with the contract you signed with Eco-Tech. 

I do not think anyone should pay someone else’s bill, only their own. If you can make the homeowners responsible for the renter’s trash removal service bill, the next think you could make us responsible for utilities also the renters make.

Due to Fair Debt Collection Practice Act, I cannot see how you can continue to collect this debt, unless you provide us homeowners verification we owe the debt. You need to show us that you have made very effort to collect the bill the renter’s made.  There should have been a collection agency set up to collect these bills and find out where they have moved to and their employment before you even talk to us homeowners.

I, for one, think my Constitutional rights have been taken away by the contract you signed with Eco-Tech making us responsible for their bill on the trash removal service they received. Also, I feel my rights as an American citizen has been infringed on and I should receive full restitution for that. The way I see it you are branded as a criminal if you do no pay the bill. It should have taken an act of Congress to get the type of contract you signed to pass “not by the City Council.” You have overstepped your rights by signing our rights away.

Robert Huff