Proud to be ME at Nichols Elementary

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By Stephen Thomas

 NICHOLS - Proud To Be Me Week was hosted by Nichols Elementary to allow students an opportunity to proudly show who they are.


The event was coordinated by school counselor Lauren Clark as a self-esteem builder, instilling students’ confidence for future plans and goals.

Each day a different topic was featured, with students participating by dressing appropriately for the occasion.

Monday began with Hats Off To Me! Students were allowed to wear their favorite hats as a way to express their individual personalities.

Heart Me! Day called for students to wear pink and read, traditional Valentine colors, in honor of the love they have for themselves.

Gear Up To Be Great! Day was an opportunity to show future aspirations by dressing like a worker at a various job, or by showing their favorite colleges they hope to attend.

Express Yourself, Dress Yourself! Day was another opportunity to wear favorite clothes and show off individual personalities.

The week ended with Bright Future Ahead! Day, with students wearing sunglasses.

Teachers and administrators also participated throughout the week, dressing in similar fashion and discussing the various topics in the classroom.