Random thoughts from spring break

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By The Staff

Some random thoughts while spending spring break with a bunch of teenagers playing baseball in eastern Tennessee...

*Why did Bullitt County get shut out on any of the state dollars to deal with issues related to BRAC improvements at Fort Knox?

Was it a lack of input from local officials? Was it that most of the important projects dealt with infrastructure improvements in Hardin and Meade counties?

No one probably has a clear-cut answer.

The problem is that Bullitt County Chamber of Commerce officials have been very active in the road trips taken to various locations where military personnel will be transferring to Fort Knox.

Still, Bullitt County was shut out on the millions of dollars of funding for BRAC projects.

Go figure.

*One of the best announcements to date from the federal stimulus package has been the restoration of the COPS funding and money for school resource officers.

Local police departments and the sheriff’s office are looking to apply for funds to provide additional officers.

This is a great program that should have never stopped at the federal level.

Not only will this allow more officers to be on the streets but it would also provide law enforcement officials to be working with the local schools.

Although few details have been announced on the other stimulus projects, this is an excellent use of money.

* You can’t yell fire in a crowded movie theater and you can’t yell that you are going to get the circuit judge in Bullitt County.

A woman recently was sentenced to 30 days in jail for contempt charges. She won’t be serving any time as the sentence was probated.

Upset that her son had been sentenced to prison, mom stood up and called the judge a bad name and made a threat.

Explaining her mistake and understanding it was not proper, the defendant was spared jail time by Circuit Judge Rodney Burress.

*The second best announcement, to date, from the stimulus money is the speed of which road projects are expected to be started in the state.

The six-year plan, which often turns into the plan with no end in sight, may actually be moving at a quick rate of speed.

Major projects such as widening Highway 61 from Pioneer Village to Shepherdsville; adding several intersections on Highway 44; and major resurfacing on Interstate 65 are planned for the next few years.

The down side is that navigating through the county might be a headache over that span of time.

Just think the delays when Interstate 65 is ground down and then resurfaced.

On my initial job interview in May 1984, I remember the work being done on I-65 at the time. It was a mess.

Even a fairly routine resurfacing will cause major delays. However, I’m sure everyone will put up with the traffic headaches as long as the $72 million in projects move forward in Bullitt County.

*Spring break in east Tennessee isn’t quite the same as Fort Walton Beach, Fla. But how often do you have the opportunity to visit different parts of the country.

For the baseball players, there is the hope of having a good time and playing some ball in a new setting.

For the adults, there’s probably that feeling that there’s no place like home.