Recent snubs seem out of line for Bullitt County

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By Mike Farner

SHEPHERDSVILLE - Over the past few years, Bullitt County athletes and teams have garnered more and more respect - most of it earned and given with good cause.

However, every so often some things happen that just make you say out loud ‘what were they thinking?’

That has happened a handful of times over the past month or so.

First, Kentucky’s high school football coaches voted recently to select two teams for an East-West All-Star game that will be played on the campus of Western Kentucky University.

Amazingly, no Bullitt County senior players were selected for that game. No Dalton Cissell, no Zack McCarthy and no Michael Bozarth.

Cissell, who is going to walk-on at the University of Louisville is the ninth leading rusher in the history of high school football in the state.

The decision did not sit well with North Bullitt head coach Brett Newton. He fired off emails to the head of the Kentucky High School Football Coaches’ Association but it didn’t change anything.

Basically the same thing happened a few weeks ago in baseball. A committee of baseball coaches in the state selected the top 50 players in the state for the upcoming season.

That list did not include a player from Bullitt County.

That is particularly odd since the first version of the state’s coaches’ poll for this season had the Chargers ranked 11th. It would seem a hard thing to accomplish such a high team ranking without having any ‘good’ players.

Believe me, the Chargers have a lot of good baseball players this season.

Bullitt East head coach Jeff Bowles is a pretty laid-back guy. While a little perturbed with the lack of recognition, he took it with a grin and a joke.

“I just told the kids that if we win the regional title that it was all from good coaching,” the said said before the season began.