Redistrict should be one issue all can work as one

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Our Views

 Gerrymandering is the slicing and dicing of terroritories in the political system and the end result is that groups of people are often left without too much power in the decision-making process.

Bullitt County was sliced and diced a decade ago. Sharing a state senator with two other counties is not a problem. That is the way the process breaks down the senatorial districts.

However, to have the county’s House of Representatives seats split into four, is a crime.

We must say up front that the county has been blessed with excellent representation from 49th District officeholder Linda Belcher, as well as Dwight Butler, Jeff Greer and David Floyd.

However, when push comes to shove, those representatives must do what is best for the majority of  his or her people. In other words, If $1 is to be split into counties, the representative better be sure his home area is getting the largest percentage of the funds. If not, there will be a new representative come next election.

We understand that the home team gets the advantage. However, it is time that Bullitt County’s population of around 74,000 deserves two of its own representatives.

And the county would have to pick up a few precincts from another area, such as southern Jefferson County along the Gene Snyder Freeway.

To make Bullitt County achieve its goal of having two of its own state representatives, there must be one thing local officials haven’t always been good at - uniting together as a single force.

It is encouraging that the two political parties are on board with the Chamber of Commerce efforts to come to the legislators with a single plan of attack.

With a unified force, things may happen. This is one issue that everyone in Bullitt County should agree to pursue.