Redistricting - let the war of fears begin

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By The Staff

Seldom does anything generate the controversy caused when school boundary lines are altered.

With continued growth and the construction of a new elementary school in Mount Washington, the dreaded need to redistrict schools has been done.

Though not etched in stone, the committee set forth some changes that won’t be altered by a simple plea from the public.

On Tuesday, Aug. 18, a public hearing will be held at the central office. This will be a time when your voice can be heard.

Nearly every school in the county will be affected by the redistricting, although some it may only change numbers by 15-30 kids.

A word of wisdom is that those wishing to speak have some facts and figures in your hip pocket to present. Emotional arguments don’t carry quite the same weight  with school board members.

Redistricting is very, very tough. If your child is not affected, it looks pretty reasonable. If you are affected, the proposal may be good or it may be bad.

In the big picture, the quality of education should be the same no matter the attendance boundaries.

Instead of producing educational equity by changing boundaries, the Bullitt County School District is looking to make sure all facilities have what they need to make student learning possible - and expected.

The proposed changes may have some flaws. Coming forward with logical concerns and possible solutions are the best. No decisions will be made on that evening but the board should approve its plan within the next month.

Board members should come ready for a  long evening of discussion - which isn’t bad. The public needs to get more involved in its public education system. Logical discussion can never be bad.