Regional sewer plan definitely worth research

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 Is taking a look at a regional sewage disposal plan in the best interest of Bullitt County?

We probably don’t know at this stage.

But is it worth taking a look at the possibilities?

Definitely so.

With permission by the General Assembly, Bullitt and surrounding counties could be part of a regional treatment program. The question is whether something like this is needed by the county.

Over the past couple of years, improvements have been made in treatment facilities in Mount Washington and Shepherdsville. But the Bullitt County Sanitation District is more limited in its funds to make things run perfectly smooth.

The question is whether the county and its cities should get involved. You won’t know until you dive in.

County and city officials need to be educated on the plans. Then they need to weigh the consequences - both pro and con. 

It will be a decision that could prove to be quite interesting if it ever comes to a vote.