Relay for Life thanks

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 I would like to say Thank-You to the Sheriff’s Deputies:  Trevor Ford, Derek Nalley, Terry Perkins, Jim Parrish and Josiah Qualls and to Mike Howe, Bullitt County employee, for dedicating their personal time on a cool and rainy Friday night to help the Circuit Clerk’s office raise money for the American Cancer Society. 

These men were great sports and agreed to participate in the Mr. Relay contest at the Relay for Life on May 17.

For those of you who did not attend, the Mr. Relay contest is a fundraising event held at Relay for Life where the men dress up as women in the “costume” of the evening.  The Circuit Clerk’s office had a participating team and chose the sports theme of boxing with the logo of “Knock Out Cancer”.  

The participants in the Mr. Relay contest were dubbed “Tutus and Boots”. 

They good-naturedly allowed the clerks to outfit them in tutus, neon green and neon pink shirts, hair extensions, neon fingernail polish, make-up and neon green totes to collect their donations. 

They then participated in the contest by performing a dance routine and shouting a “Beat Cancer” cheer. 

Although they did not win the Mr. Relay contest, they raised nearly $300.00 for the American Cancer Society and they are definitely winners in my book.  Having only been the Clerk for 4 1/2 months, I was extremely proud of the effort put into this event by my staff and by these “cheerleaders”.  

We joined in a common cause to beat cancer and in remembrance of Doris Cornell, former Bullitt County Circuit Court Clerk and Darrell Vires, former Sergeant of the Bullitt County Sheriff’s Special Deputies, both who lost their battles with cancer.  I feel quite certain, Doris and Darrell would have been pleased.  

Paulita Keith