Remember to vote

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 We have thousands of our soldiers engaged in a war to protect freedoms that we as U.S. citizens are taking for granted.

One of those freedoms is the right to elect the leaders of our country. We can vote for the person(s) of our choice without fear of reprisal. In many countries casting a vote can result in a death sentence. Unfortunately too man Americans (Bullitt Countians) DO NOT VOTE! Some say it doesn’t matter or it won’t make a difference or my vote is not important. I’m sure our soldiers and veterans would strongly disagree with you.

It is very important to listen to those running for office or already in office. See how they vote on issues and if they are dong what they promised. Are they working for the good of the people? Are they interested in doing a good job or just interested in getting elected or reelected? Look at their record.

In November we will have the opportunity to go to the polls and cast our votes. Democrats, Republicans and Independents can vote in the general election. Not registered to vote - October 10 is the deadline to register so you can experience your freedom and vote.

When I turned 18 years old I registered and have voted every since, as do my children and my parents.

If you have not voted before, now is the time to make a change. Vote to show your support for our soldiers. Vote to demonstrate to your children that having the right to vote is an important freedom. Vote to sow you care about our country. YOUNG PEOPLE, vote to get your voices heard since you will be our leaders in the future.

When the November election comes we need more than 30% of our citizens making decisions about who will be our next set of leaders. Time to do your homework and be ready to exercise your freedom that our soldiers have and are still fighting for - MAKE A GOOD INFORMED DECISIONS AND VOTE.

Linda Belcher

State Representative District 49