Reorganizing a very busy office

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Other Views by Paulita Keith, Bullitt Circuit Clerk

 March 7 marked our second month in office.  During the last two months, we started our processes of streamlining operations, updating obsolete forms and documents, and looking for ways to better serve those with whom we work.  

We are proud to announce that the law library has been completely updated and the wireless network is up and running.  The law library is a valuable tool for our local attorneys.

On January 23, we officially launched the new Organ Donor Heart on our driver’s license.    This was an important advancement in Kentucky. 

The organ donor heart emphasizes that it’s not just about signing your license to be a donor; it is about saying “yes” and joining the Kentucky Organ Donor Registry.  Every heart printed gives hope to patients and families in need. 

For more than 20 years, the Circuit Clerks of Kentucky have been educating communities about the life-saving mission of organ donation.  Thousands of children and adults are waiting for an organ transplant.  I think sometimes people don’t realize the impact organ donation can have. 

In Bullitt County last year, I personally know of two people who successfully received life-saving organ transplants. 

There are no words to describe the gratitude their families felt.  Two years ago my nephew was killed in an automobile accident. 

My brother made the decision to donate his organs. 

Although you never want to lose someone, it is uplifting to know that my nephew lives on in many other individuals who have now been given a second chance at life.  We encourage everyone to consider becoming part of the Organ Donor Registry. 

On March 9th our office participated with Kidsfest promoting the Kentucky Trust for Life and Organ Donor Registry.  

At the end of the month, we will be reorganizing our office to provide more efficient and consistent services to the public. 

We ask for everyone’s patience through this process which will primarily take place from March 28th through April 5th. 

The reorganization will allow for more space for the juvenile division of our office which has grown exponentially over the years. 

It will also allow for integration of the circuit and district court clerks allowing for cross-training and better coverage.  Many people may not realize that in addition to providing services to the public, our clerks are required to cover court for four judges, set up files on all incoming cases from attorneys, handle an enormous amount of paperwork, backup and record all court proceedings, process all bonds, bond assignments and releases, record all documents and proceedings in Courtnet, collect money, file, etc… 

Many of the tasks performed are very time sensitive. 

On a busy court day, there may be only one or two clerks from each division available to help the public. 

Bullitt County has grown tremendously, and as a result, so has the judicial caseload.  Unfortunately, the state budgetary constraints have not allowed for a growth in the number of clerks to handle the increasing workload.  The reorganization will help the clerks from each division provide backup to the other division which will, in turn, better serve the public.

As always, we are here to serve you.