Respect must be earned; proper decorum must be demanded

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By The Staff

 Discipline in the classroom. It has long been mentioned as one of the key issues teachers face in the classroom.

It is hard to teach a class of students when you must deal with one or two unruly pupils.

Well, that issue with discipline has spilled over into the government sector.

Bullitt Fiscal Court was the classroom and County Judge/Executive Melanie Roberts was the teacher.

The teacher who was actually a teacher for over 20 years had a couple of “unruly” students to deal with Tuesday.

“Students” John Bradshaw and Joe Laswell got a little vocal and the teacher threatened to send them to the principal’s office. Actually, she threatened to have any disrespectful magistrate removed from the courtroom.

Words don’t do justice or injustice to the 20 minutes of heated discussions on Tuesday.

The matter arose when Roberts made two appointments to the economic development authority. In the past, the county judge has gotten approval from fiscal court.

But on Monday, county attorney Monica Robinson finished her research and found that under the current administrative code, the judge didn’t need anyone’s blessing.

From that point on, things went down hill.

Roberts stopped Laswell and Bradshaw from making comments. Laswell finally raised his voice, the judge countered and Bradshaw joined in.

Allegations flew. Tempers flared. And Roberts threatened to have any disrespectful person thrown out of the courtroom.

The first issue revolves around respect. That is earned. That is not given just because of the title of the elected office one holds.

There should be a sense of respect given to the person in charge. However, that respect cannot be abused.

Each of the five members of Bullitt Fiscal Court are elected. They have been selected by the people to be their voice on the court.

In return, those who serve should do so with a certain amount of discipline and decorum.

It is understandable that people will disagree. That is what this country is all about.

However, there are ways to agree and disagree. Leaders must realize that their actions are viewed by so many others.

We hope that our leaders learn how to lead effectively. It is not a matter of being in charge or commanding respect.

It is about doing the job and serving the people. The people don’t want the name-calling. They want people to serve together.

It is not one person is right and the other person is wrong. It is a matter of everyone working and communicating.

It is a matter of everyone respecting  one another.

If the elected officials of Bullitt County can’t get along, how much confidence will the people have in their abilities.

We all need and deserve respect, no matter the office. And we must all learn to listen to one another to do what is best of Bullitt County.

It should be an easy lesson to learn. It’s a class that shouldn’t be failed by any of our leaders.

If we can’t pass the course, then maybe it is time for a few minutes in the corner.