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 In regards to the Bullitt County Stone rezoning hearing on July 12, 2012, I would like to say that I was shocked and disgusted at the behavior of Attorney David Pike (representing Bullitt County Stone).

Never before I have I seen someone show such arrogance and disrespect before a government body as well as to the citizens of Bullitt county as this man did. It was very obvious he had no desire to answer any questions from the zoning board or the citizens present nor present any evidence that this rezoning should take place.

More than a few people in this community believe his behavior was due to the fact that the only decision that matters is that of the Hillview City Council, and that their vote has already been bought and paid for. I sincerely hope this not the case and I implore the Hillview city council to prove those people wrong, to do the right thing and vote against this rezoning effort.

I’m still trying to figure out why the quarry is part of the City of Hillview when it has no connection to the city whatsoever. It looks like it was done so this zoning change could be rammed through bypassing the county planning and zoning board’s decision with votes already promised from the Hillview City Council. Again I hope I am wrong about that.

Bullitt County Stone has been a bad neighbor for a very long time. In the past four years it has only gotten worse. At times their operation runs 24 hours a day. The sounds of rock crushers and heavy equipment beeping and droning on into the night make it nearly impossible to sleep. During the daytime, it is difficult to enjoy being in your own backyard with multiple blasting events that take place every week. These seismic events, which rival an earthquake, shake houses, crack foundations and damage basement floors.

If the Bates Farm is rezoned then this will only get worse as they will literally be in our backyards. This will drive down what our home are worth and make life unbearable. 

John Blandford

Castlerock Drive