Road plan puts county on right path to future

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 It may one of the most promising things to come out of county government in the past seven years.

A committee formed by Bullitt County Judge/Executive Melanie Roberts will meet with legislators in Frankfort on Thursday.

They will be equipped with a plan for the future in terms of transportation projects.

Is it the perfect document?  No.

Are there still other road projects which might be needed in the future? Yes.

Is it a good start? Yes.

Bill Duffy and Steve Froelicher, a pair of Heritage Hill residents who got involved in the governmental process for totally different reasons a few years ago, made the presentation.

It was quite amazing.

Part of the presentation dealt with projects which have been on the board and approved and funded.

Most of it dealt with ways to improve traffic flow, primarily along Highway 44 and Highway 480 in Shepherdsville.

In a nutshell, the plan proposed a pair of new interchanges on Interstate 65.

There would be a proposed bypass.

Included in the work was a second access point to the Cedar Grove Business Park with quicker access to Interstate 65.

There was an improved entrance at the truck stop on Cedar Grove Road to provide a stoplight east of Buffalo Run Road.

Money is tight. But road projects which can contribute to the increase of jobs in Kentucky often find a way to be funded.

Even if nothing happens past Thursday’s meeting, it is encouraging to see people volunteer their time and expertise for the benefit of others.

Lets hope that the road proposal will lead to some good things. But the mere fact that the effort was made will help current and future legislators understand the needs of the community.