Roads should be better

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 Over the holidays I had the opportunity to travel across some of Kentucky’s highways and have to say that Bullitt County has THE WORST ROADS in Kentucky, HANDS DOWN.

I just don’t get it. How is it that Bullitt County has JIM BEAM, AMAZON, ZAPPO’S, PUBLISHER’S PRINTING, GORDON FOODS, LOWE’S and a new WAL-MART under construction (to name just a few) and ALL THOSE TAXES are going where?????

Certainly not our roads, that is plan to see!! I-65 is PITIFUL; there has been a huge DIP in the middle lane about ? mile from the ramp getting on northbound in Shepherdsville for close to a YEAR now, what the heck is the hold up??? I see semi-trucks hit it all the time and I know it has to jerk the wheel from the driver’s grip!!!

Also, 44 West is in horrible shape!! I never have understood why 44 Wet gets patch here and a patch there but when 44 East is repaired that side of Bullitt County receives nice, SMOOTH, pavement. It doesn’t pull your car all over the road or feel like your dash is coming apart when you hit a patch job!!!!

AGAIN, I ASK, WHERE ARE ALL THE TAXES GOING???? Our roads in Bullitt County should be THE BEST in Kentucky. We have brought more jobs in than any other county in the state but yet the residents (especially long-time residents) don’t see a dime of it going towards our county. WE WANT OUR ROADS TO BE TOP NOTCH; WE ARE SICK AND TIRED OF OUR VEHICLES TAKING A BEATING!!!!

Victoria L. Hodge