Roadwork to increase in area

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By Thomas Barr

 SHEPHERDSVILLE – Thanks to changes in the latest Census figures, Bullitt County roads will get a little extra work in the coming fiscal year.

“Bullitt County is getting a lot of things this year,” said Matt Bullock, chief engineer for District Five of the state transportation cabinet.

In the rural secondary road program, Bullitt County is slated to receive $1.2 million for work on its 71 miles of pavement.

Of that amount, $396,300 is set aside for normal maintenance work on the roads which are part of the rural secondary program.

County judge’s offices throughout the state receive $3,862 to help administer the program locally.

The rest, according to Bullock, is designated for road projects.

The projects proposed by the state include:

*Highway 733/Wilson Creek Road – resurface 1.2 miles from Old Boston Road to the Bullitt/Nelson County line. The cost estimate is $74,000.

*Highway 1531 (Routt Road/Dawson Hill Road) – resurface .67 mile from Kings Church Road to the Jefferson/Bullitt County. The estimate is $55,000 on this project.

       *Raymond Road – resurface 2.8 miles from Highway 44 West and Highway 44 West. This is projected to cost $161,000.

*Martin Hill Road – resurface 2.2 miles from Highway 44 to Brooks Hill Road at a cost of $133,000.

*Brooks Hill Road – resurface 1.3 miles from Holsclaw Hill Road to an unnamed road. The cost would be $91,000.

*West Blue Lick Road – resurface 3.2 miles from Highway 44 to Highway 1020. This will cost an estimated $198,000.

*Kings Church Road – resurface 1.4 miles from Highway 44 at a cost of $100,000.

Fiscal court must approve the recommendations for the state.

In the present fiscal year which will end on June 30, the rural secondary program was nearly completed, said Bullock.

Roads resurfaced in the past year includes parts of: Greenbriar Road, Old Preston Highway, Waterford Road, Cedar Grove Road and Wilson Creek Road. The expenditure this year was projected to be $1.2 million.

In addition, Bullock said other work to be done through other funding sources include:

*Preston Highway – resurface 1.5 miles from the Nelson County line.

*Highway 44 – resurface one-half mile stretch at the 14 milemarker east of Mount Washington.

*Highway 61 – resurface from the Salt River bridge to Bishop Lane.

Bullock also commented on several other projects, which are at various stages of the process.

There is a study with money set aside for an alternative route from around Greenbriar to Old Bardstown Road. Studying the best locations is the current scope.

The bypass is to help get some traffic off of Highway 44 East.

The widening and beautification of Highway 245 from the I-65 interchange to past Jim Beam is also in the study stages.

       Final design plans will probably not be completed until early 2015. Right-of-way acquisition might begin by the end of this year. Construction isn’t expected until 2015.

       *Highway 61 has three remaining sections to be completed.

       Bullock said it is not a question of finding the money for construction. The funds are secured.

       Bids are expected to be let by the end of this year on the portion from John Harper Highway to Brooks Run. Right-of-way property has been acquired.

       Utility relocation will take time in the final two sections.

       As an estimate, Bullock said the entire stretch of Highway 61 to Highway 44 in Shepherdsville might take five years to complete.

       *Highway 44 – intersection improvements are still in the works for three sites.

       Bullock said ROW acquisition is about done for the widening at Armstrong Lane and Highway 44. Construction could begin later this year.

       The intersections at Bogard Lane and Bells Mill Road are running behind schedule, said Bullock. Construction is planned for next year.

       *Highway 480 – plans to widen from Cedar Grove Elementary to Valley View Drive remains in the plans. Most of the right-of-way was donated for the projected but there is no construction date.

       *Beech Grove Road – the state is now in charge of the project to build a bypass to Preston Highway through Old Ford Road.

       New to the project will be a turn lane on Highway 61, which will require some more right-of-way acquisition. No construction date was provided.

       *Highway 61 – bridge replacement south of Highway 245. This project is at the early stages of the design stage.