Robison makes bookmarks to help homeless at Shepherd’s Shelter

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 MOUNT WASHINGTON - Patience Robison has a heart for the homeless.

The Crossroads Elementary School fifth grade student sells bookmarks each school day before class starts.

“Would you like to buy a bookmark for a quarter?” Patience asks pupils as they arrive for school. She stands in Crossroads main corridor smiling as students pass by. Some say ‘no’ while others answer they will bring in change tomorrow.

Thanks to the generosity of students and staff, Patience has made nearly $60 selling her hand drawn book marks. She recently gave the money to district Supervisor of Social Services Linda Nason for donation to The Shepherd’s Shelter.

“What a great salesperson you are,” Ms. Nason informed Patience. “I would hire you in a second.”

Crossroads Principal Kim Sego smiles as she watches Patience interact with classmates.

“She is very excited about selling these for 25 cents apiece,” Mrs. Sego said. “The most awesome thing is the look on her face.”

Patience said she was inspired to raise funds for the homeless after seeing news reports on television. Watching accounts of adults and kids struggle each day to survive made a big impact.

“I just wanted to do something,” she said. “Would you like to buy a bookmark? They are only a quarter each,” she asks a group of students exiting the school bus.

The homeless are not merely a major metropolitan city issue. Ms. Nason provided these eye-opening statistics for Bullitt County.

“In 2010, The Shepherd’s Shelter assisted 948 persons who were homeless or at risk of being homeless in Bullitt County,” she said. “Unfortunately, the need is great and over 800 persons could not be provided with shelter or assistance due to a lack of resources. Many of these are children in our school system.”

An avid reader and artist, Patience put her pen to bookmark shapes of paper and drew animals, people, symbols and sports slogans (especially UK in bright blue!)

“I thought if I made something that people could use, I could make money for a special cause,” she explained.

Patience does not like bending a book page to mark her reading spot. “That really annoys me,” she said.

Thus, she invested several of her natural talents into bookmarks...artistry, a natural sales persona and a sincere, ever-present smile.

“Would you like to buy a bookmark for 25 cents?” she asks students.

“I bought one a couple of weeks ago,” said a friend with a hug for Patience.

“She was a good customer,” Patience said.

The 10- year-old daughter of Tisha and Shawn Robison plans to continue raising money through May 27. That is her final day of school at Crossroads where she spent one year after redistricting from Old Mill Elementary School.

Patience will then attend Mt. Washington Middle School.

“Crossroads and Old Mill are good schools,” she said raising bookmarks to meet the eyes of fellow students walking down the hallway. “I’m really looking forward to middle school.”

Glancing at the clock, Patience sees it is 8:52 a.m. She is due in Mrs. West’s class by 9 a.m.

Her basket of change and a few bookmarks will be placed at the Crossroads main desk for interested persons. More change and bookmarks will be in the media center.

She will then spend her school day studying hard so she can someday work at a zoo.

“I love elephants and my goal is to work with them at a zoo,” she smiled.

“Would you like to buy a bookmark for a quarter,” she asks a student. Into his pocket slides his right hand and out emerges a shiny silver coin.

Patience just made a sale! A classmate bought a bookmark. The homeless are being helped.

Bullitt County Public Schools has nearly 13,000 students in grades kindergarten through 12. There are 25 school facilities, a certified staff of over 850 and a classified staff of over 850 working every school day to make the district the leader in educational excellence.