Rubber stamp isn’t always how the process works

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 Beth Vachon is a highly-respected veteran educator in Bullitt County.

Even after retirement, she has been a regular contributor to the Bullitt County Public School System.

Her expertise is invaluable. She is like so many other retired educators who remain in the system.

Vachon was probably not the only one surprised recently with the actions of the Bullitt County Public School Board.

She had some notes ready to use in her speech to the board members.

She, like many others, felt the school board would opt to take some savings in exchange for changing the current pay schedule for long-term substitute teachers.

To the joy of many, Vachon admitted she had to change her remarks. In fact, she openly said she was surprised by the action of the school board.

The board members unanimously voted to go against the recommendation of superintendent Keith Davis, which would have provided an amended version to the pay schedule.

For many today, there is little hope in the jobs being done by our elected officials.

Seconds after U.S. Sen. Mitch McConnell’s opponent next year, Allison Grimes, was announced, the attacks started.

In a short press release, Grimes had already been attached to President Obama.

Such negative advertising on all sides is just one reason people lose faith.

In a small way, the Bullitt County Public School Board’s actions should breathe a little hope into the system.

The board members listened to a lot of comments and they made a decision.

This is a case where the people spoke and the elected officials listened.

For a better government and on this holiday week, independence of mind is a good thing.