Sad to see proud St. A tradition be lost in county

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 The tradition is about to end.

The longest-running alternative to the public school system in Bullitt County is about to shut its doors.

The announcement that has been feared and the outcome that has been averted in years past is about to become reality for those who send children to St. Aloysius Gonzaga Academy in Shepherdsville.

Parents were surprised with the news on Friday that their school would be closing at the end of the year.

Declining enrollment and rising costs were the reasons for the decision.

At this stage, there is much anger. Some parents questioned the nature in which the closing was announced and others are concerned with where proceeds from various fund-raisers may have been spent.

Those emotions mean little — the doors will close and there is no second chance.

Last year, St. Aloysius was given an enrollment number of 100 students, which was met. This year, there was no goal, no notice.

From an educational standpoint, it is a shame.

St. Aloysius has given families an alternative for over 50 years. Some parents want their children to attend a private school — be it for the spiritual part of the educational process or be it for the different setting such an institution can offer.

Graduates of the school have gone on to have very successful careers and many have remained in the community and had their youngsters attend the school.

We praise the efforts taken by the school leaders to provide a quality education over the past 55 years. And we feel the pain being experienced by the St. Aloysius community at this point.

We are confident that the public and private institutions available in the county can provide quality education to the youngsters looking for a new home.

The concern is whether the youngsters will find a community of educators, administrators and aides who will be able to form that same village in which they have become accustomed.

It is a sad day to see St. Aloysius school shut its doors. Its service to the community will be missed.