Santa Barr pulls something out of hat at last minute

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My Views by Santa Barr, Guest Writer

 With the hours suddenly becoming minutes, it is time for Santa Barr to leap into action.

Feeling like Mike Farner and waiting until the final moment to write this annual column, I quickly forced down a Snickers bar.

I am back to normal. And Farner is still normal as he procrastinated even longer than I. But not only did he run out of time but he also found himself out of space.

Without further delay, the deer have been fed and my belly is full for a long night of delievering packages to the good little boys and girls.

OK. I have 30 minutes to figure out some way to present bogus gifts which really aren’t gifts at all.

In fact, some of them will be mentioned just to bring a little yuletide joy to followers of local affairs.

Of course, some may be more pointed than others. 

You can be the judge as you sip on some egg nog and read along.

To members of the foundation working on building a new facility to house a community college - you will have a busy next few months.

While Santa Barr is not hip on the importance of big, fancy buildings, if someone is going to be the next to have a big, fancy community college, it might as well be Bullitt County.

Although there are plenty of hoops to jump through before reality hits, we, in Kentucky, like our hoops.

Bullitt Countians are used to hoops (hurdles, if you are runners - more on that later).

The Bullitt County campus of Jefferson Community and Technical College has been fantastic in its short lifespan.

A new facility would allow for many more students to be served. It will also allow the college to be designed in a manner which is more efficient.

Santa hopes that this process to creatively finance the construction of a $24 million facility without state funding goes smoothly.

To members of the Bullitt County Planning Commission - success in finally updating the comprehensive land-use plan.

The problem won’t be getting a plan adopted. That will eventually happen.

The question is how will planners at the county level and those on the legislative bodies use the document.

Simply looking at the pretty colors on the land-use map is the easy way out.

There will still need to be justification for approving or denying a map amendment.

The days of counting heads in the crowd must end. Available land is shrinking and the need to make sure compatible uses are guaranteed for all parties involved must be taken very seriously.

To candidates in the 2014 elections - A few weeks of vacation in January.

After that, it will be time to start putting up signs, going to a whole lot of chili suppers and fish fries and trying to figure out a way to tell every potential voter what they want to hear.

It is a difficult task.

What will make things a bit more difficult this election season is that some of those we thought were donkeys have suddenly become elephants.

But we don’t expect to see any elephants trying to become donkeys.

Santa Barr will also throw in a big supply of soap and water. I figure there will be a little mud splattered along the campaign trail and it won’t be caused by potholes.

To the voters - a roadmap.

With redistricting, there is still plenty of questions on which district one may live in.

Another question is who represents Bullitt County at this time.

Some say that the new boundaries approved earlier this year are in effect now.

Others say that it won’t happen until the next election.

If you have an issue with state legislation, be safe and call everyone.

To Bullitt Fiscal Court - a better sound system for the You Tube recordings of the meetings.

If might be frustrating at times to sit through a meeting in person but it is much more difficult to try to make it through the You Tube version with poor sound.

To the residents of the Second District - a constable to be appointed for the last year of the term. The seat is currently vacant.

To members of the Bullitt County Public School Board - a way to stretch the shrinking dollars from state and federal sources.

There is no doubt that the school system gets the biggest chunk of our tax dollars.

There is no doubt that those dollars go for the most important thing we have - the education of our children.

With payroll costs always hovering around the 80 percent mark for the general fund budget, dollars will always be tight.

The district has spent millions of dollars on construction. It has also spent many, many dollars on new and innovative curriculum-based initiatives. 

For a district the size of Bullitt County - and still growing - it takes this double-edged approach to survive.

It would also be nice to set aside a couple of nickles to make sure our athletic facilities are safe. Not elaborate. Just safe.

Carrying the water for Santa Farner, money needs to be found to make track improvements.

We may not be able to afford the Cadillac but we should be able to afford the VW.

To John Snider and the Bullitt County Economic Development Authority - a whole lot of new jobs for 2014.

To television viewers - the gift of at least a few minutes each hour devoted to actual programming.

Santa Barr can envision an announcement stating that “we now break from our political advertising for 60 seconds of actual programming.”

It should be a banner year for broadcasters.

To all in Bullitt County - the most blessed of holiday seasons and the most prosperous of new years. Treat each day as the most important and do not worry about things you cannot control. Merry Christmas to all.