Save social security

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 I don’t know if I am hearing this right about proposals in Washington, D.C. to cut Social Security to reduce a deficit it did not cause. Social Security is critically important for American people of all ages. Are they saying when you become retirement age you cannot retire? Reason being there will not be any money left to give you so you can retire and live a peaceful life. Are they going to take it away from the ones that have already retired? What about Medicare benefits that would affect millions of people in America?

Over 70 years Social Security has been in effect and I might add a program that has worked well over these years. A great President instigated this program, the 32nd President of the United States of America, named Franklin D. Roosevelt. He died in 1945. This is only one thing he did for American people. Another thing he brought us out of the Depression and brought this great country back to life. Millions of Americans have spent their life paying in Social Security and Medicare and I for one think we should keep it. I mean these benfits.

There are many ineffective government spending that can be cut. But Social Security and Medicare are not one of them. Who do we petition in government that can be honest and truthful and help us get this done? I mean keep what we already have. Who can we trust to tell us the truth?

What will happen to people that have already retired and haven to take a part-time job to make ends meet? The way I see it everyone in America will have to pull together and let the government know we are standing up for our rights. That is to keep what we have - Social Security and Medicare. God Bless America and Freedom of Speech.

Robert Huff