School chief gets good grades from his bosses

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By The Staff

SHEPHERDSVILLE - Keith Davis knows there are many areas in which he can improve up as superintendent of the Bullitt County Public School System.

But he also knows that it is good to feel that the members of the school board have the confidence in his abilities to lead the sixth largest district in Kentucky.

The five-member board released its annual evaluation of Davis' performance on Tuesday and the superintendent met or exceeded all areas of evaluation.

"It does feel good," Davis said of the evaluation. "I think it shows they believe the district is moving in the right direction."

Davis said he is pleased that with all the changes, some which have drawn some resistance, implemented the past two years in the district that the board has remained steady in its support.

"I've got areas to grow and I have a goal of making this district the best in the state," said Davis, in his second full year at the helm. "We're not going to stop until we are the best."

Since the board members are elected and subject to possible pressure from the community, Davis said that is always a concern of a superintendent.

However, he said the relationship with the board has been good and he has tried to keep them informed of everything possible.

On a scale of 1-5, with five being the best, Davis only had six subject areas in which he only met performance expectations. He exceeded the performance expectations in 20 other areas.

In its evaluation, the board released the strengths shown by Davis:

*Keeps the board well informed

*Works hard to staff with district with quality teachers

*Sets high expectations for all staff and students

*Good job with financial status of the district

*Insists on professional development opportunities that are best suited for the district

*Involved in the community

*Great follow up and follow through

*Delegates very well

*Uses resources, such as money and staff, extremely efficiently

*Great time management skills

*Responsive to issues voiced by parents and public

*Returns phone calls promptly

*Open and diplomatic when dealing with public and media

While appreciative of the kind words, Davis said he feels there are many things that he personally wants to improve upon.

Time management and delegations are areas where Davis said improvement is needed.

Getting out and talking to community groups has gotten easier. But Davis said public speaking is something he must get more comfortable doing.

But one of the major areas of emphasis this year will be customer service.

Although not a department store, Davis said system employees at all levels sometime forget that they must properly deal with parents.

"We want to make them feel comfortable coming into our schools," said Davis.

With everyone so busy, Davis said customer service is something that can get overlooked.

A survey will be done later in the year to gauge the public's perception into the openness at the schools and central office.

He also hoped to work on the pride factor in the county.

"Bullitt County, as a whole, seems to have a lack of confidence," said Davis. "We are much better than we give ourselves credit for."

Davis said he appreciated the board members taking the time to individually fill out the survey questions for the evaluation.

"We're all on the same page to make this district the best in the state," said Davis.