School officials have reason to gloat as plan coming together

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Our Views

 The plan is working.

While we have always opined that there is much more to educating our youngsters than simply looking at the test scores...

And while we have religiously fallen into the trap of trying to compare schools and districts to one another based on those scores...

It seems only right that when the Bullitt County Public School District knocks the lights out of a testing cycle that we allow them to crow a little.

The most recent testing cycle results were released Friday. It is a wonder that school officials were able to keep them secret for so long.

For the first time ever, at least since the Kentucky Education Reform Act started in the early 1990s, has Bullitt County ever reached the “proficient” mark.

It has now happened.

Has it been a long process but the results are finally paying off -- students are learning.

The past six years have seen phenomenal growth in student achievement. But that has not come without a lot of blood, sweat and tears from the classroom teachers, administrators and support staff.

It has taken school board members -- past and present -- who have had to make some tough decisions.

And it took some changes even before the Keith Davis administration to get some things rolling.

Smaller class sizes in the early grades was just one example. And, of course, building facilities that made schools more conducive to learning also helped.

As Bullitt County can gloat in seeing its rank go from the 21st percentile to the 73rd percentile since 2007, it also knows that the things in place now are working.

To just from the 51st to the 73rd percentile in one year is among the highest in the state. But as the numbers get larger, the ability to continue that growth gets much tougher.

We do not want to throw any water on the parade. It is something worth celebrating.

To see all three high schools make such gains is unbelievable. 

To see one school, Eastside Middle, move into the 92nd percentile is fantastic.

But, at the end of the day, the duty and obligation of the public school system is to prepare youngsters for the next stage in their life. The students must be ready for college or prepared for a career. More importantly, they must be ready for life.

We commend the hard work of everyone involved in the Bullitt County Public School System. There are the custodians and the bus drivers. And don’t forget about the cafeteria workers and the volunteer coordinators. It couldn’t be done without the clerical staff, the teachers and their aides.

There are the principals who have such a tough job to do.

And the central office staff has led a path of direction. This includes the superintendent, who like a coach on an athletic team, probably gets too much blame for defeat and too much credit for success.

The school board members have pushed for change. And we are sure they will push for more change in the future.

We would be remiss if we forget the students and their parents, grandparents and whoever else makes sure they get to school prepared to learn every day.

To steal a saying from Hilary Clinton, it truly does take a village.

And, now, it is a pretty good time to be part of the learning village known as the Bullitt County Public School System.