School system discovers new ways to push kids to excel

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Our Views

 We guess that the great thing about America is that even when an idea appears too good to even discuss, we will be proven wrong.

Bullitt County Public School officials seemed to have a good idea on the table Monday evening.

The plan was to create an academy where the top middle school students would join together in a single facility to do what they love - study math and science.

The Discovery School would be part of Hebron Middle. It would open in the fall of 2014.

It would be a great thing.

That’s were the devil’s advocates come to the table. And this is not all bad.

On what is becoming a regular situation, the school board voted 3-2 to implement the Discovery School program at Hebron in the fall. This should be a great program to help challenge some of our middle school students.

Like those who opposed, I hope that each middle school will be upset that this program is started.

We hope that the other middle schools would have their school-based councils look at the opportunities.

Look at what it could do for your student body if the advanced program is implemented.

Bullitt County has continued to push its kids over the past few years.

We believe the Discovery School will have a big role in Bullitt County Public Schools continuing to move forward.