School system paving way to progress with new logo design

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By The Staff

MOUNT WASHINGTON – Jonathan England called himself pretty unimaginative.


Yet, when the decision was made on which of the logo designs to select for the Bullitt County Publlic School System, it was England’s who stood above the rest.

But his original design needed a bit of tweaking and school officials called upon a design from North Bullitt senior C.J. Parker for the finishing touches.

Superintendent Keith Davis said the theme was moving forward.

England said the basics of the logo was that you must stand up and reach for the light.

The two people standing could represent parents, staff, students, and community working together. The road shows the path to progress, said England.

And the circle, which came from Parker’s design, represents the unification of forces.

“The junior at Bullitt East said it was truly a feeling of moving forward together.

Parker was recognized with an honorable mention for his logo.

The new logo will be used on the district’s website and other material for the school district.