School system picks up property near NBHS for future expansion

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By Thomas Barr

 HEBRON ESTATES – As land for expansion on most school sites continues to shrink, Bullitt County officials recently made a deal that will serve well for the future.

The Bullitt County Public School System purchased 38 acres from Benjamin Robards. The property is located south of North Bullitt High School.

Superintendent Keith Davis said the purchase price of $368,000 was good for the district.

“It was an excellent deal and will help the school campus,” said Davis.

He said the deal would help the school more in the future than in the present.

In looking down the road, Davis said he could see the property being used for future expansion of athletic facilities for North Bullitt, a possible place for the growing of produce for the North Bullitt cafeteria or an alternative route for traffic.

With the construction of the college and career center at North Bullitt, the tennis courts will be eliminated. A possible spot for relocation has been in the area of the current football practice field, behind the baseball field.

The property would give space for building new tennis courts and saving the practice field.

Currently, Bullitt Central students have been growing produce for its lunchroom and Davis said there is a push statewide for more projects.

And, the property acquisition could allow a road to be hooked into existing residential streets for a second entrance and exit. However, he said nothing is in the works.

“I’ve definitely been aware it (the property) was there and the only direction we could expand that campus,” said Davis.