School system provides safe place for its students, staff

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Our Views

 The events in Connecticut were tragic. Could the acts undertaken by the young man been foreseen? Could anything be done in the future to avoid such incidents from occurring in your hometown?

There is no way to know the future.

As authorities try to figure out the hows and whys, it is a time for everyone else to reflect.

Are there safety measures which could be taken that aren’t being done at this time? Is there really any way to be totally assured that something may not occur in your community?

There are no guarantees in life. That is why life should be treasured each day.

After the terrorist attacks of 9-11, the entire face of security changed. School systems were no different.

In Bullitt County, even long-time reporters from a local newspaper had to go through security steps. It was comforting to see that everyone was being treated equally.

The front doors are the only access point to entry. And that must be done by pushing a button and an office person unlocking the door.

Visitors must sign in with schools having a computer check-in system.

You see a lot more personnel in the hallways during class changes.

School personnel have ID badges and at least one school is working on doing this for the entire student body.

Principals now have direct communication with parents through e-mail. Superintendent Keith Davis is also a regular distributor of information through the e-mail alert system.

No matter the security issues, there will be problems.

The boom of the social media makes simple comments a really big deal. And that really big deal, even though it may be just a joke, can spread very quickly.

And those threats or comments are handled quickly by school and law enforcement officials. Students making unwise comments over social media may quickly find themselves in deep trouble both with the school system but also the judicial system.

There are no guarantees in life. We grieve with those in Connecticut for their loss. It is a pain that will not soon go away.

But it also is a reminder that we must always be aware of the dangers which are present in an imperfect world. We trust that the Bullitt County Public School System is doing everything in its power to keep our children safe.

It is a task that officials take very seriously. And for that, we are grateful.