School taxes too much

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 Bullitt Country taxpayers should take note.  The School Board has again raised your property taxes.  They try to imply that taxes went up $22.00, when in fact your taxes have increased much more.  Thanks to three School Board members, Lorraine McLaughlin, Dolores Ashby, and Board Chairman, Tim Wiseheart, your property taxes have increased for the SIXTH year in a row.

Lorraine McLaughlin implied that if she had her way, she would raise them even more.  Chairman Tim Wiseheart said that he would “again” vote to increase your taxes.  Dolores Ashby said the reason they needed more of your money was because they were getting less from the State.  The money that they get from the State is also YOUR money.

If you look at your property tax bill, you pay 5 times as much in Bullitt County School tax as you pay to the State.  How much more do they want???  No other District has increased property taxes at a rate equal to Bullitt County.  Over the past six years your Property Tax for the School District has increased hundreds upon hundreds of dollars.  You will continue to pay these hundred of dollars for as long as you live in Bullitt County.

This same Board was told that they were paying too much to some substitute teachers, and these same three Board Members chose not to correct that issue either.  Is that being responsible?  I don’t think so.  I would think there are areas to cut cost and be more efficient.  They need to do their job.  I think they have a total disregard for the taxpayers.

The numbers given at the School Board meeting to justify the increase were not realistic, and I believe, in some cases “bogus”.  When I asked how much additional money the previous increases had generated, they could not or would not tell me.  They could not tell how much more they got, but they wanted more.

Every bill you get has School Tax added to it.  Every new home built has School Tax added to it.  Every time P.V.A. raises the value of your home, it generates more school tax revenue.

I question the Board’s action.  I question the numbers presented.  I get no satisfaction.

Dale Lloyd

Bullitt County