Schools cannot slow its CATS drive

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By The Staff

The state legislature felt that the current CATS assessment was not the best way to further education reform in Kentucky.

The majority decided that there should be a better system of making sure students in the commonwealth are excelling.

If all the promises are kept, there will not be a problem. Officials have pledged to not take the foot off the accelerator.

If the Think Link assessments are correct, Bullitt County will see major improvement in test scores this fall. More importantly, student learning has been improved.

With an interim period between the old CATS and the new testing format, Bullitt County leaders can’t slow down. They can’t afford to not continue the many good things which have been started over the past five years.

Local students shouldn’t take a back seat to anyone in the state in terms of a quality education.

bear the burden of the project.

Maybe with some stimulus money and some recalculations, this will work.

We think the city needs to immediately figure out what it can do to make it work. No one wants their fingerprints on a project that can’t pay for itself.

However, no one wants their fingerprints on something that should have been done but wasn’t and  then the community is left with some pretty ugly ramifications.

Let’s make it happen.