Schools continue to raise funds for relief work

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Haiti earthquake relief

By Stephen Thomas

    PIONEER VILLAGE - The Haiti earthquake relief efforts continue to receive assistance from individual Bullitt County Public Schools.

    Maryville and Overdale Elementary Family Resource Center coordinator Betty Marshall has encouraged donations at both of her schools, earning a final collection total near $900.

    “We always do friendly competitions between the schools, but this time we’re not,” said Marshall. “We were collecting just because it was a learning opportunity to show the right thing to do.”

    The two schools will donate to Hand in Hand Ministries, an organization already established in Haiti to offer various types of assistance. Overdale first grade teacher Kari Clemons formerly worked with the organization.

    Marshall visited many students at both schools detailing the importance of the special needs following the earthquake.

    “The money will be specifically for medical needs of children and families in Haiti,” she said. “Students can relate to being in school and having a catastrophe. We can go to the doctor or the hospital, but the Haitians can’t.”

    Marshall added that the situation allowed school to review earthquake drills, reminding of their importance and safety.

    Maryville first grader Hunter Durbin brought an entire jar of money from home. Another Maryville student brought a coffee can full of pennies with a note that read, “To Haiti with love.”

    “These children understood that they were blessed and they wanted to share,” said Marshall. “They gave their Wii money, birthday money... they wanted to share what they have. You do want them to understand that we have things that others don’t.”

    *Mount Washington Middle School also completed a fundraising drive for Haitian earthquake relief.

    The school hosted a dress-down day, with students donating to participate.

    A grand total of $937 will be donated toward relief efforts.

    *Cedar Grove Elementary is continuing a donation drive through Feb. 12.

    Two jars are being used for a friendly competition. One jar is money donated by students from Kindergarten through Grade 2, the other for third through fifth grades.    *Pleasant Grove Elementary did their part in the Haitian relief efforts.    Volunteer coordiantor Stacey Wilson reported over 1,000 collected items as Phase 1 of the school’s relief project.    Pleasant Grove’s charitable focus was on shoes and peanut bar jars.

    *Eastside Middle School is collecting necessity items to assist Haitians.

    The school will distribute the items through Southeast Christian Church in Louisville.

    “Our kids are so benevolent,” said Eastside counselor Becky Keller. “They wanted to know what they can do to help.”

    Keller said Southeast Christian volunteers had visited Haiti and returned with a list of necessity items.

    Each Eastside homeroom will host collection boxes for two weeks.

    For more information call Eastside, call 869-5000.

    *If your school is participating in a fundraiser for the Haitian earthquake relief effort, call The Pioneer News, 543-2288, or email editor@pioneernews.net.