Schools making progress

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 After reading a letter in the Forum in the Courier-Journal that stated “Bullitt County school system has not changed in the last 60 years,” I had to respond!

I graduated from Bullitt County Schools in 1966. I received a BS from Eastern Kentucky University, a Masters in Education from U of L, and a Rank 1 in Administration and Supervision from Western Kentucky University. I spent 35 years as a teacher, principal and the Director of Transportation for Bullitt County so I am very familiar with the system.

Bullitt County has developed and uses many programs to improve student progress. Some of the programs are remedial and others actually allow high school students to receive 24 college hours before graduation. It is amazing to see the technological skills of students (elementary through high school). No way this was happening 60 or even 30 years ago.

Bullitt Central was selected as a Close the Deal Site (one of only three schools selected in the STATE). Several of the Middle Schools were selected as Schools to Watch. Yearly students are selected for the Gatton Academy and Governor’s Scholars. The Graduating Class of 2013 earned $3,539,380 in scholarships and $235,288 in KEES money. Nearly 30 middle school students qualified for State Recognition through the Duke University Talent Identification based on the ACT/SAT scores.

Bullitt County has made great strides and before any one criticizes the district I suggest they do some research to get the facts or visit the district.

A good education is available for those students who work hard and have parent support. There is always room for a school district to improve but Bullitt County Schools are making good progress thanks to dedicated teacher/staff, caring parents and hard working students.

Linda Belcher

FMR State Representative